IoT Training (IoT with java)

Internet of Things using Java course give the knowledge to help you develop skills and experiences you can employ in designing iot systems.

Course Description

This short term course is ideally designed for students and job seekers to understand the basic idea of Internet of Things with microcontrollers, sensors, cloud connectivity which enables participants to do their own application development, product design and prototyping. It introduces participants to prevalent communication technologies and protocols including new generation IoT friendly application and physical layer protocols. This course covers popular programming languages, Hardware connectivity, storage, and computation, which, in turn, gives rise to building different IoT solutions.


Course Content

  • Getting Started with Internet of Things
  • Setting Up Development Environment for IoT
  • Getting started - Java, Java ME
  • Building Java ME IMlets Programs for IoT
  • Communication Pattern and Protocols
  • CLDC Overview
  • Generic Connection Framework (GCF)
  • Application Management System (AMS)
  • Cloud Overview
  • Basic of Electronics, Raspberry Pi and sensors
  • Setting Up Software Components on Raspberry Pi

Key Features

  • Well Experienced & Certified Instructors

  • Course Designed by Oracle
  • Industry Mapped Curriculum
  • Course Completion Certificate from Oracle

Frequently Asked Questions

UXBS training is ideal for
  • Engineering graduates & Professionals
  • College Students and who wish to become Java IoT developers
  • Programming Enthusiasts
  • Startup Entrepreneurs


  • Preethi BalaMurugan - June 2017

    My Instructors is very good in knowledge about the course. they also helps in other activities other than the course. They treated all as their friend.I thank them here.
    Thank you

  • Aravind - Nov 2017

    Knowledgeable and efficient trainer who can deliver concepts in a very good manner

  • Thameem Ansari - Nov 2017

    Instructor delivered good domain knowledge on Java. As a non-technical student it helped me a lot.

  • V M K Ravi Teja Vaddi - Feb 2018

    Trainer has strong about IoT with java ,whatever i have asked the questions she is ready with the answer and explanation is crystal clear.

  • Joe Idaya Pranesh - Mar 2018

    The class taken by the instructor is very informative and makes the students to understand concepts using real time examples. Encourages questions and participation.

Duration Hours
60 Hours

Preview Certificate